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New Year starts off with huge news!!

Bartlett High School Activity Complex Committee Receives Substantial Donations


The Bartlett High School Booster Club has been working to build an Activity Complex on the school’s campus, and recent donations will bring this dream closer to a reality.


Special thanks to the Bednarke family who recently donated $125,000 to the Activity Complex Fund.  In addition, a $15,000 New Year’s Eve donation from Bartlett’s Bluff City Materials has jump started progress on the Complex.  "We are very blessed to be able to help make the Activity Complex a reality in 2017,” said TJ & Sheila Bednarke.  "It is our hope that this will be the start of many more donations from the community, and we encourage wide spread support.  It doesn’t matter what amount one can contribute.  Every donation makes the reality of bringing our Hawk community home closer.“

We would also like to thank Plote Construction and the Plote family for their donation of $50,000 pushing us closer to our goal.

More exciting announcements will be coming in the next few weeks. Please help us to get to our target for new bleachers and press box which is $240,000.  March is the time to order these items to have them in place for 2017-18 school year.  To donate, please click here

IT'S HAPPENING!!!  #hawkscominghome
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